Sold My Canadian Bank Holdings, Here’s Why!

Real Estate bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver, high debt to GDP, high housing prices to median incomes and bank news have spooked me. As a result I have sold all my Canadian Banks and Home Capital Group. About me: Debt/GDP- Percentage of median income to afford real estate: Median Real…

Housing Crisis- Australia homes to fall 7%

This sounds like soothing music to help calm investors that this is normal 7 % decline ? Hmm off 1.7 million is not normal , what goes up must come down ! what do you guys think ???? source

Mortgage lender implodes, with implications for Toronto housing market

One of Canada’s biggest mortgage lenders imploded this week, after regulators accused the company of falsifying loan applications. Home Capital Group’s stock crashed, and now it’s running out of money. City News 28 April 2017 source

Blowing Bigger Bubbles – Canada’s Housing Market

Blowing Bigger Bubbles – Canada’s Housing Market (Link to article below) Facebook: source

Black budgets, Home Trust and Toronto Property Bubble

Talking about Toronto’s sky rocketing real estate bubble in relation to Home Trust from a mortgage broker point of view. source

Ex-Wall Street trader predicts Vancouver housing market implosion

Marc Cohodes says housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto will blow to ‘complete and utter smithereens’ CBC News 16 March 2017 source

Ontario Fair Housing – The Geeky Agent – RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

With the announcement of the Ontario Government’s plans to “cool” the “hot” housing market in Toronto and the GTA the question about what the Government’s role, if any, in the housing market should be is asked…and, well…answered. Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan Newspaper Article Referenced: Impact of B.C.’s foreign buyer tax…

Five signs Canada has real estate mania

House prices. Home ownership. Household debt. The economy. Bubble denial. Why Canadian real estate makes the U.S. bubble a decade ago look tiny. Maclean’s magazine 12 April 2017 source

Who Caused The Bubble? | Multiple House Owners!

As far as I am concerned, the reason housing prices have gotten so outrageous can be simplified to one problem: People owning more than one home. People owning more than one home could be foreign real estate investors, as well as regular local residents investing in housing. What it boils…

The Toronto Housing Bubble is Ready To Burst!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the housing bubble in Toronto and how market manipulation is building up and will lead to disaster. We’ve spoken many times about real estate markets throughout the world including talking with Russel Gray of The Real Estate Guys Show,…