Tory expects action on ‘speculation’ from housing meeting

Toronto mayor John Tory is meeting with the federal and provincial finance ministers on Tuesday. Tory told Breakfast Television he also wants to talk about affordable housing, and a vacant property tax. source

Ontario Announces 15% Foreign Buyers Tax To Cool GTA Housing Market – YouTube

Do you think a 15% tax on foreign buyers will do anything to cool the GTA housing market? The tax implies that the issue with house prices is those pesky foreign buyers. The problem is much larger than that and this tax imposed by Premier Kathleen Wynne is just a…

Pt 2 Kathleen Wynne Ontario Fair Housing Plan (Apr 20 2017)

Pt 2 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the Ontario Fair Housing Plan on April 20, 2017 covering the Golden Horseshoe (Niagara to Peterborough and points in between including Toronto) Key elements included a 15% foreign buyers tax and rent controls on all residential rentals as well as a provision to…

Will a new foreign property buyer’s tax cool Toronto’s housing market?

Canada’s largest province is implementing a 15% foreign buyer’s tax in Southern Ontario. The provincial announcement comes amid fears that Toronto’s red-hot real estate market is fuelled in part by foreign speculation. British Columbia brought in a similar tax for Vancouver in 2016. The new measure applies to non-Canadian citizens,…

Ontario expands rent control to units built after 1991

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan, unveiled today, expands rent control to all units, including homes built after 1991. Annual rent increases for existing tenants can be no higher than the rate of inflation and rent increases will be capped at 2.5 per cent source

beautiful house in Tanzania

This is one of those beautiful houses designed in Tanzania by Tanzanians, hoping to see the reality a year to come source

Shipping container house winter

Trump talks tough on NAFTA

Ways to cool off Toronto’s housing market, the comic book market is red hot and Trump talks tough on NAFTA. 680 NEWS business editor Richard Southern has the details. source

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan – How Will This Affect Real Estate Investor’s?

Will Ontario’s fair housing plan affect the real estate market and real estate investor’s? For more about the new rule changes, you can read the article here – – Get “Single-Family Investing Made Simple” for FREE here – – Get “The Real Estate Investor’s Handbook To Freedom” for FREE here…