May 2017 – Toronto Real Estate Report

Talking about the recent Toronto Real Estate Rule changes and their potential efficacy. source

Canada Top 10 GTA Cities That Far Out Pace Toronto Housing Market

We all know Toronto has a hot housing market, but you haven’t seen nothing yet. The area surrounding Toronto now far outpace Toronto itself. In the GTA, the demand is drastically increasing while the supplies haven’t been keeping up and the prices are even soaring faster than Toronto. Stay tune…

The Housing Market is Rigged

In the past forty years the average home has increased in value by 43 times. With wages failing to keep it up that means more and more people are renting. source

The rent “IS” TOO DAMN HIGH: Most can’t afford to LIVE in AMERICA!

This is pretty lengthy but it is actually an abridged version. This is a Bible AND Practical truth discussion on the cost of living in America. Blessed Sabbath to you all! CNBC 2016 Business and Cost of living chart The true cost of living in America America is too expensive…

Housing Crisis – Toronto Housing Market Actually Softens

Nope its a bluff ~~ It happend here in Vancouver ! MARK MY WORDS ! investors will be going after the lower end properties ~ condos and small pads and micro units ~~ source

Mortgage lender implodes, with implications for Toronto housing market

One of Canada’s biggest mortgage lenders imploded this week, after regulators accused the company of falsifying loan applications. Home Capital Group’s stock crashed, and now it’s running out of money. City News 28 April 2017 source

Ex-Wall Street trader predicts Vancouver housing market implosion

Marc Cohodes says housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto will blow to ‘complete and utter smithereens’ CBC News 16 March 2017 source

Housing Crisis – Am I just dumb ?

I just cant get my head around people knowing they are doing the wrong thing but still proceed with dumb moves that can financially cripple them for life ! ! source

Video: Carrick Talks Money: Here’s the good news about the housing market right now

Personal finance columnist Rob Carrick shares a positive note about the rising housing market in large Canadian cities like Toronto. source

Ontario Fair Housing – The Geeky Agent – RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

With the announcement of the Ontario Government’s plans to “cool” the “hot” housing market in Toronto and the GTA the question about what the Government’s role, if any, in the housing market should be is asked…and, well…answered. Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan Newspaper Article Referenced: Impact of B.C.’s foreign buyer tax…