Windermere Florida Housing Market Update. What Sold and What is for sale.

How Many Million Dollar Homes Sold in Windermere Florida Last week? How may Lakefront homes are available on the Butler Chain of Lakes and how much are they? All of this and much more in this 5 minute Windermere Florida Housing Market Update. source

Basic Econ 101 is driving the Vancouver Condo Market this Spring. Update week of April 10, 2017.

Sitting on the sidelines to see where the market will go? Buying or Selling, basic Econ 101 is driving our condo market this Spring. If you need help making an educated decision regarding your real estate goals, or have questions, send me a message and I’d be happy to help.…

Creek Cast Volume 1 | “Bubbles”

This is the first official instalment of Creek Cast, by Garrison Group. We are discussing what a bubble is in a real estate market and the general outlook of Toronto real estate. source

Toronto Real Estate Market Beat | February 2017

Breaking down the stats for City of Toronto and Garrison Creek market areas for the month of February source