Housing Crisis- Australia homes to fall 7%

This sounds like soothing music to help calm investors that this is normal 7 % decline ? Hmm off 1.7 million is not normal , what goes up must come down ! what do you guys think ???? source

Housing Crisis- Toronto market crashing

wow things are really taking a turn fast in Toronto !! SELLLLLLLL!!! source

Housing Crisis – Toronto Housing Market Actually Softens

Nope its a bluff ~~ It happend here in Vancouver ! MARK MY WORDS ! investors will be going after the lower end properties ~ condos and small pads and micro units ~~ source

Housing Crisis – Micro Unit for RENT

It’s no secret that Vancouver’s rental market is out of control. But this Craiglist posting for a brand new 400-square-foot micro unit in Strathcona priced at $1,700 a month has us wondering if this is a bad joke. source

Housing Crisis – Toronto vs Vancouver

Sorry for the bad reading skills LOL I forgot to zoom in the article and reading through a screen dose not help at all !! source

Housing Crisis – Am I just dumb ?

I just cant get my head around people knowing they are doing the wrong thing but still proceed with dumb moves that can financially cripple them for life ! ! source

1 Bedroom apartment | For sale in CBD

Housing crisis- Toronto slaps on forgein tax

TORONTO — Ontario is following British Columbia’s lead, promising to introduce a tax on foreign homebuyers that the province hopes will help cool the frantic housing market, easing concerns about a potential bubble in Canada’s fastest growing urban region. source


Most people expect their rent to go up each year, but not by 100 per cent. So you can imagine the shock AJ Merrick and Jon Moorhouse experienced when they got a letter from their landlord. source

housing fix: Be careful what you wish for

With Toronto housing getting harder and harder to afford, governments are under pressure to “do something” – always a dangerous moment. Several ideas are being kicked around, most of them ranging from the dubious to the awful. source