Cooling Off The Toronto Housing Market …. The Affordability Question

Asif Khan from RE/MAX Prime Properties sheds some light on the new measures imposed by the government to cool off Toronto’s red hot housing market. Will these be effective? What more could they have done? A great watch. source

Ontario Announces 15% Foreign Buyers Tax To Cool GTA Housing Market – YouTube

Do you think a 15% tax on foreign buyers will do anything to cool the GTA housing market? The tax implies that the issue with house prices is those pesky foreign buyers. The problem is much larger than that and this tax imposed by Premier Kathleen Wynne is just a…

Ontario Foreign Buyer Tax 2017

My take on the possible impact of the Ontario Foreign Buyer Tax, and how it will affect the Toronto real estate market. Learn why this tax will not solve the underlying problems that are causing high house and condo prices in the Greater Toronto Area. #realestate #Canada #Ontario #Toronto #Mississauga…

My Thoughts on Real Estate EP4 Power of Sales , Are you behind in Mortgage

Are you behind in Mortgage, Are you behind in Tax, Are you behind in maintenance fee or condo fee, or mortgage expire all can lead to power of sale with Navtaj Chandhoke source

Ontario mulls idea of foreign buyers tax to cool housing market

Ontario’s finance minister says he is rethinking a foreign buyers’ tax as one possible option to cool the housing market. The average price of homes sold in the Greater Toronto Area last month rose 27.7 per cent over last year and the average price of a detached home in Toronto…