Sold My Canadian Bank Holdings, Here’s Why!

Real Estate bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver, high debt to GDP, high housing prices to median incomes and bank news have spooked me. As a result I have sold all my Canadian Banks and Home Capital Group. About me: Debt/GDP- Percentage of median income to afford real estate: Median Real…

Canada Top 10 GTA Cities That Far Out Pace Toronto Housing Market

We all know Toronto has a hot housing market, but you haven’t seen nothing yet. The area surrounding Toronto now far outpace Toronto itself. In the GTA, the demand is drastically increasing while the supplies haven’t been keeping up and the prices are even soaring faster than Toronto. Stay tune…

Canadian Housing & Debt Bubble Warning Signs!

Canada’s housing bubble is at extremes and vulnerable to a sharp correction. The housing market is a house of cards built on a debt bubble. Canadian household debt is off the charts and unsustainable. source

#822 1200 Hornby St,Vancouver – Real Estate Virtual Tour – Brent Brown

View to see PRICE and more PHOTOS. Location, location, location. This fully furnished and outfitted 2 bedroom suite is located in the heart of downtown. Part of the Landis Hotel with access to all of the facilities and amenities of the hotel including swimming pool, hot tub, gym, change rooms…


So i just came back from the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale and i decided to do a haul for you guys!SO…i hope you guys enjoy! ————————————————————————————————————– SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: @ariana_pop14 MUSICALLY: @ariananiki1 ————————————————————————————————————– SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE!♡ source

Mortgage lender implodes, with implications for Toronto housing market

One of Canada’s biggest mortgage lenders imploded this week, after regulators accused the company of falsifying loan applications. Home Capital Group’s stock crashed, and now it’s running out of money. City News 28 April 2017 source

Buyers Be Aware – New Condos Selling at $1,000 per sq ft Without Proper Laundry?!?

Buyers Be Aware – New Condos at $1,000 sq ft Without Proper Laundry?!? This is your Inside Vancouver Real Estate tip that I just recently experienced as I was touring a relatively new condo development in Mount Pleasant last weekend. It was a 600 sq ft unit asking $620,000 (which…

Ex-Wall Street trader predicts Vancouver housing market implosion

Marc Cohodes says housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto will blow to ‘complete and utter smithereens’ CBC News 16 March 2017 source

Stunt driving on hwy 401 April 26, 2017 @7:20 am

Uploading this video for Toronto police to report stunt driving Dodge RAM 1500, license plate AR-66447 Note that on my dashcam the date/time was not set correctly, that’s why it says year 2012. My speed was 100km/hr, clearly he is speeding, making unsafe lane changes and driving dangerously. source

Home ownership in Canada: Should we let that dream die? | Sunday Talk

In the Toronto and Vancouver areas, where close to one-third of Canadians live, the dream of owning a home is on life support. Even renting is hard. And suddenly politicians are trying to do something about it. Click here for the full story: »»» Subscribe to The National to watch…