The Perfect Market for that Less than Perfect Condo

Welcome to Inside the Real Estate Market. Hi there, I’m Jamie Johnston, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Condos Plus.

Never have I seen a market with such little market inventory – properties for sale. Many owners, myself included, have said ‘If you don’t need to sell, sit on it” the market is still rising. But, this is also the best time to unload what I call, ‘less desirable properties’ and put them up for sale.

In a normal market, these properties are difficult to sell and they sell at a discount. However, in today’s market, they will sell at full value and quickly. So what do I mean by less desirable properties? Sell that condo on the second floor overlooking the garbage bins. Sell that condo on the fifth floor that sits beside the Gardiner with windows that are never allowed to open, and sell that condo gets no sunlight. You know what I’m talking about. Never has there been a better time for sellers to unload a property that would only sell for a big discount in a normal market.

I’m Jamie Johnston


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