Landed early in the morning at Jorge Chavez international airport. Taxi to Loki Backpackers Hostel (now Pariwana Hostel). Exploring Miraflores and Lima. Stumbled across some sort of a rally exhibition in Plaza Mayor. Next stage is to fly to Cusco to start the Inca Trail! Wicked!

Travel vlog from my first ever solo travelling trip around the world (from many years ago, hence the 4:3 ratio, and the significantly substandard editing. Adds to the atmosphere in my view :D). If you get the opportunity to travel, or if you’re in two minds, just do it! It’s amazing!

My itinerary included:

CANADA, Toronto, Montreal.
UNITED STATES of AMERICA, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles.
PERU, Lima, Cusco, The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu.
JAPAN, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Itsukushima (Miyajima), Osaka.
THAILAND, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan (Full Moon Party). INDIA, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, Dehli.
JORDAN, Amman, Petra.
EGYPT, Cairo and Luxor.

When fog bundles its colonial facades and high rises, Lima’s enchantments come across as all too subtle. After Cairo, this sprawling metropolis is the second-driest world capital, rising above a long coastline of crumbling cliffs. To enjoy it, climb on the wave of chaos that spans from high-rise condos built alongside pre-Columbian temples, and fast Pacific breakers rolling toward noisy traffic snarls. Think one part southern Cali doused with a heavy dose of America Latina.

But Lima is also sophisticated, with civilization that dates back millennia. Stately museums display sublime pottery; galleries debut edgy art; solemn religious processions recall the 18th century and crowded nightclubs dispense tropical beats. No visitor can miss the capital’s culinary genius, part of a gastronomic revolution more than 400 years in the making.

This is Lima. Shrouded in history, gloriously messy and full of aesthetic delights. Don’t even think of missing it.

The Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Lima, is the birthplace of the city of Lima, as well as the core of the city.

Peru is a country in South America that’s home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. The region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco, is rich in archaeological sites. On Peru’s arid Pacific coast is Lima, the capital, with a preserved colonial center and important collections of pre-Columbian art.


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