A new Canadian poll shows that they are more likely than other Canadians to use fraud prevention tools


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Carman, Manitoba

Country of origin: Morocco

Named as one of Variety’s “Artists to Watch for the 2022 Grammys,” Vogue’s “Style Stars Set to Make 2022 Exciting,” PEOPLE’s “Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark on the Musical Landscape,”The following are some examples of how to get started: Entertainment Weeklys “Artists to Watch in 2022,”Faouzia recently shared “RIP, Love (Acoustic Live),”A stripped-down version of her worldwide smash single. “RIP, Love,”All DSPs and streaming providers offer the original version of the song. Inspired by the Moroccan and Arabic music of Faouzia’s childhood, the original version of “RIP, Love” has proven a truly universal sensation, earning over 107M worldwide streams since its release earlier this year. Produced by T.I Jakke (Ava Max, Lady Gaga, RedOne) with additional production by Tor Eimon and co-written by T.I Jakke, Fransisca Hall (Lauren Spencer-Smith, Imagine Dragons, Illenium), and Faouzia, the track is joined by an official lyric video currently boasting over 48Mviews via YouTube. An official “RIP, Love”Dance video has received more than 5M views

“RIP, Love” is among the many highpoints found on Faouzia’s acclaimed debut project, CITIZENSYou can stream and download the collection. The eight-song collection – which has been featured in over 1.8M TikTok creates, amassing more than 4B total views across the platform – also includes such international favourite as “Puppet,” “Anybody Else,” “Thick and Thin,” and Faouzia & John Legend’s smash “Minefields,”The official music video for the latter has already been viewed over 132M times on YouTube.

CITIZENS has received wide applause from various media outlets including Ones To WatchIt was declared by. “a crystallization of everything (Faouzia’s) worked toward…Over the course of eight moving tracks, the future star carves out an impressive emotional depth, largely carried by jaw-dropping vocal feats.” Faouzia is “the pop star of the future,”Rave ConsequenceIn an exclusive Track By Track feature, we added, “CITIZENS seems like it could be the first grand hello of an artist primed to make a splash in the 2020.”

Faouzia, with over 1.1B streams globally to date, has a combined reach of more than 11M followers. Faouzia, who has over 2M subscribers on YouTube, 2M followers on Instagram, and more than 3 million Tik Tok fans, is a rising star. With collaborations with John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, David Guetta, and more, the landmark star has been praised in global publications spanning VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, PEOPLE, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Genius, Seventeen, Billboard, and Uproxx, to name but a few.

“My favourite thing is hearing that one of my songs helped someone feel motivated or empowered, or even helped them to have a good cry – which sometimes is all you need,” Faouzia says. “I really believe that immersing yourself in music can help you through the tough times in life, and I always hope that my songs can do that for everyone.”

Faouzia Ahya was born on July 5,2000 in Casablanca. Her family moved to Canada about a year after her birth, and settled in Carman, a small rural community. At the age of 5, she began piano lessons. Her parents instilled Moroccan traditions into her upbringing, teaching her Arabic and playing traditional music. They also made sure she wore traditional clothing on special occasions. These traditions are what inspire her as a musician today. She incorporates Moroccan sounds and trills into her songs.

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