Best Local Bites In London, Ontario


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By: Sean Murray of Tourism London

As one of the fastest growing cities in Canda, London’s culinary landscape has become a thrilling adventure for foodies. Whether you’re visiting for an exciting concert, sports event or conference, you’ll want to make the most of your time in the Forest City and sink your teeth into its flourishing food scene!

London, Ontario Downtown Restaurants

Some of London’s best eats are located in the downtown core, and hotels like the DoubleTree by Hilton and Delta Hotels by Marriott London Armouries (which just so happens to serve to best brunch buffet in the city) act as a launchpad to find the trendiest tastes.

When exploring the city’s core on your first night out, you’ll quickly see how much variety London has to offer. I recommend that you try the local favorites that keep Londoners returning to the city.

Dimi’s Greek House serves up elegant cocktails and savoury Greek cuisine in an environment that is particularly picturesque. Keep your camera handy because the flaming Saganaki and periodic plates smashing makes for an Instagram-worthy evening out. Lucy’s Pizza & CocktailsThis chic spot offers crafted cocktails, tapas of unique flavours and Neapolitan style pizza. After dinner they transform into a space with a DJ. If you’re more in the mood for pub style fare, The Church Key Bistro – PubEnjoy a variety of craft beer and classic dishes.

Brunch in London Ontario

Early Bird

After a long night out, there is nothing better than a delicious brunch in the morning. As I mentioned, the Delta’s buffet is an upscale affair not to be missed, but the Early BirdIt is a must-see. With walls covered in collages of silkscreen poster art, they have a groovy 60’s vibe turned to the max. The iconic “Fat Elvis,”A stack of thick cut French Toast filled with fried Bananas, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Syrup and Honey. I love going to the local pub for a morning mimosa. Craft Farmacy. They’re rustic and refined while remaining cool and comfortable, the definition of upscale casual.

Covent Garden Market

On a day out in the city, there is one central food destination that you can’t afford to miss. Established in 1845. Covent Garden MarketThis landmark is a treasured place where farmers and shoppers used to meet and exchange meat, wild raspberry berries and other goods. Today, it’s still home to the city’s best selection of organic foods while expanding to become so much more, with restaurants and vendors providing artisanal goods and tastes from around the world. A personal favorite is Love PastelThe delicious Brazilian snacks, such as the Coxinha stuffed with cheese and chicken and the rich Brigadeiro dipped in chocolate are ready to be shared (or kept all for yourself!)).

Food Festivals

We celebrate food in London big. Every year, a list of restaurants that is ever-expanding is published. Cultural food festivalsBrings together visitors from Ontario and beyond. Covent Garden Market comes alive in the summer, with a variety of festivals that include Taco Fest and Pizza Fest. The Colombian Gastronomy Festival is also a fan favorite. However, this isn’t the only place London hosts cultural festivities. Victoria Park is a downtown hub for events such as the newly introduced Lucky Lion Night Market, an Asian food celebration with over 100 unique items to try,  London’s Ribfest, the International Food Festival and large music events such as SunfestThis brings in a plethora of cultural vendors and food truck that fills the summer air with delicious smells.

Culinary Experiences


For some, a standard meal still isn’t enough to scratch their culinary curiosity. There are some innovators in London who have created experiences that go beyond a 3-course meal. Yaya’s Kitchen, a curated supper club, is an award-winning embodiment of this movement and hands down the best gastronomic experience I’ve attended. Co-owner Malvin Wright encourages diners to “not just eat the food, but truly taste it”. Yaya’s masterfully crafts 7-10 courses, each packed with storytelling flavours of the global Black food experience.

Other culinary adventures include Ride the BineThen, there is the OEV Dumpling Trail. The first a tour winding through breweries, wineries and other local beverage havens, promising a sip of the region’s finest libations. The latter is a self-guided, 7-stop tour through London’s Old East Village, where you can savour dumplings from around the world, from Polish pierogis to Nepali Momos, each with their own distinctive style. For those with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of options. Scratch Bakery & Patisserie TrailThis is a must. It’s a curated selection of 13 (a baker’s dozen!) Small-batch, best-in class bakeries and patisseries. With both self-guided and guided options, it’s a great way to start your morning and dive into pastry paradise.

Time for a beverage!

Toboggan brewery

No food scene would be complete without a few quality brews. London offers the best libations in Southwestern Ontario. “hydrated.”Local breweries like Toboggan BreweryYou can also find out more about the following: Beerlab!It’s always a good day. Visit the newly opened Beer Kitchen at 100 Kellogg Lane. It has some pretty cool stuff. They deliver a pour of quality that is unmatched by others, thanks to technology that transfers the beer directly from your tank into your glass.

Check out Tourism London’s websiteVisit our website for the best list, including attractions, restaurants and upcoming events. You can also find hotels, experiences, and things to do. Plan your visit to London today and see what it’s all about.

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