Bollywood star Kavita Krishnamurti’s only 2024 Canadian tour stop is at this South Asian festival


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Senior Advisor, Transport Canada

City: Winnipeg

Country of origin : India

Jaideep Johar’s story is one of unwavering commitment and resilience in Winnipeg, Canada. His journey to Canada from India in 2005 marked the start of an incredible odyssey, despite a long struggle for employment.

His perseverance, sincerity, and strong belief in ethics and values helped him adapt to the new environment. Johar, utilizing his professional abilities, has actively assisted new migrants in their settlement journey. He works with various organizations in order to promote diversity, equality and inclusivity, safeguard Mother Earth’s impacts from climate change, support search and rescue efforts and support veterans.

With a Ship Captain Certificate and a bachelor’s of maritime studies from Memorial University, Newfoundland, along with his pursuit of a master’s degree in marine management, Johar’s credentials underscore his extensive expertise in the maritime field, spanning over 30 years. Johar began his career as a merchant navy captain at the age of 18. He has navigated seas around the world as a ship’s captain. Before his current role as a senior advisor with Transport Canada’s Prairie and Northern Region’s Marine Safety and Security branch, he contributed his skills to BC Ferries. Johar has held a variety of managerial positions throughout his career, including as the regional director for the Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness Branch.

His leadership is evident in the efforts he makes to improve marine safety measures, promote environmental conservation, and foster collaboration with Indigenous Communities. He is a spokesperson for a video with Inuktitut subtitles, which has received widespread praise for efforts to safeguard Canada’s pristine waters. Watch it here:

He goes above and beyond the needs of his family and his demanding job to give back to the community. His ability, while balancing his personal and professional life, to engage in volunteer work is commendable.

As chairperson for the Winnipeg Public Library Board (now Winnipeg Public Library Board), he led initiatives to promote cultural diversification, improve community safety, and advance reconciliation between Indigenous communities. Johar is involved with many organizations, including the Global Citizen Movement, David Suzuki Foundation and Rotary International Club. He also works with the Royal Canadian Legion, Winnipeg Committee for Safety, World BEYOND War, CASARA and Rotary International Club.

He is a regular participant in the Winnipeg Pride Parade, a celebration of the GSRD community (Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diverse).

He has volunteered regularly at the Winnipeg Folklorama Festival which aims to promote cultural understanding and celebrate diversity. His wife Narinder Johar is a daycare teacher. His son Harsh is a student at a business school. Sage, his daughter, also attends the Folklorama. Harsh Johar and Sage Sage were recently selected as Ambassadors for Punjab Pavilion at Folklorama.

His collaborations and partnership, such as his work with Forester Care Insurance, to raise money for Harvest Manitoba, Toys for Daycare, and Beds for Children highlight his commitment to making a positive difference. He has inspired many community members to become volunteers for different organizations.

He also regularly supports many organizations, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (MSSC), Covenant House, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Kidney Foundation, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Canadian Red Cross, Diabetes Canada and Breast Cancer Canada.

Johar’s accolades include the prestigious Hind Rattan Award (Jewel of India) and the India Canada Culture and Heritage Association Distinguished Service Award.

He was invited to attend the Global Peace Summit, which took place at the University of Oxford. He has received recognition from deputy ministers of Transport Canada and the regional director general from Crown–Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) for his outstanding contribution to working with Indigenous communities, representing the Government of Canada. He received the National Creativity and Transformation Team award and has been acknowledged by Indigenous Canada for his participation in Treaty Annuities. Johar has appeared in several news articles both in Canada and abroad.

He recently joined the Naval Reserves to serve his nation.

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