Five free resources to help international students settle in Canada


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Students from all over Canada can access certain settlement services through organizations located in their destination province or territory.

These services are offered by different providers in all Canadian provinces, territories and have their own eligibility criteria and service offerings.

It is also worth noting that the details of each organization’s services, such as its eligibility criteria, are often outlined at the discretion of the individual service provider rather than the federal government.

Five places to find services for international students in Canada

Students from around the world can take advantage of a wide range of settlement resources and services in Canada. They can get help with language training, accessing government programs like healthcare and finding a new job, as well as connecting them to their local community.

Explore your options for studying in Canada

These five organizations offer a variety of services to help international students settle in.

The following organizations are not funded Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The student’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

All international students can access support services and settlement through their DLI. This includes workshops, social events and other organized activities. It is important to remember that not every DLI will offer the exact same support and services.

Note:Only DLIs are authorized to accept foreign students. All incoming and future international students should make sure that the school where you are studying has Valid status as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.

DLI Services Examples

  • Support for learning about banking in Canada. Banks and credit unions, difference between a debit and credit card, what you should be aware of
  • Information on future immigration pathways
  • Information about international students’ legal rights
  • How to get involved with the community


Location:Five locations in Toronto and Ontario

WoodGreen provides international students with a variety of settlement services, ranging from help with accessing other services* to assistance with immigration questions and connecting to community programs.

*Some of the services WoodGreen can help newcomers access include housing, healthcare, education and legal aid

WoodGreen services

  • Accessing services
    • Workplace
    • Healthcare
    • Housing
    • Education
    • Training
    • Legal Aid
  • Answering immigration questions
    • Citizenship
    • Permanent residency
    • Work permits
  • Support with applying for Government Benefits
  • Connecting international students with community programs
    • Language training
    • Recreational activities

Mosaic British Columbia

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, and Burnaby (British Columbia)

The British Columbia Settlement and Integration Services Program (BCSIS) is the program that we operate through. Mosaic British ColumbiaStudents from abroad can benefit from the following services.

Mosaic Services

  • Referrals to services and support, including visa status inquiries
  • Coaching and support in employment (job hunting, online job applications. Resumes and cover letters. Job interviews etc.).
  • Facilitating social events
  • Workshops to explore and understand permanent residence pathways
  • Access to a number of seminars presented by “guest speakers from various fields of work”
  • Accessing government services like healthcare

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

Location*Invermere British Columbia (B.C.

*CBALOperating in 16 communities across British Columbia

Offering services “primarily”CBAL offers an array of services for international students to settle in British Columbia.

Note:CBAL notes “some one-to-one services are available in French, [either] locally or virtually if requested.”CBAL can also provide a referral “to a nearby agency”For clients who prefer French-language service.

CBAL services

  • Individualized assistance with local services and information
  • Needs assessment, goal setting and referrals for individuals or families
  • Help with banking and housing, healthcare access, registering children for school, legal services, and more
  • Assistance with employment and understanding/transitioning to Canadian workplace culture
  • Help with completing applications and forms
  • Connecting clients with social and cultural groups, as well as community programs
  • Conducting English language assessments
  • Both formal and informal English-language instruction (both online and face-to-face)

Action for Healthy Communities

Location:Edmonton, Alberta

A4HC, which provides services in both English as well as French, can help international students with a variety of activities and programs, whether they are one-on-one or in groups.

A4HC Services

A4HC provides a variety of services under eight categories of general support. Please click on the link above to find out more about the services that are offered in each category.

  • Canadian culture and lifestyle
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Housing
    • Income Support
    • Banking
  • Personal growth/capacity building
    • English language training
    • Computer training
    • Financial literacy
  • Employment, self-employment, and starting a small business
  • The educational system, programs, and skill development
  • Community involvement, resource fairs, and events
    • Social and cultural networking opportunities
    • Volunteering
    • Community field trips
  • Family dynamics
  • Specialized projects
  • Regional Support

Explore your options for studying in Canada

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