How to Earn Amex Cobalt 1x points on Everything Else


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Intro: Does the Amex Cobalt Card Work Well for Canadians Making Everyday Purchases?

Choose the right Canadian travel rewards card from the many available. “top of wallet”A card can have a significant impact on your dream vacation.

Enter the American Express Cobalt Card.

While its multipliers, like the popular 5x points on food and drinks, steals the spotlight, don’t overlook the consistent 1x points on general merchandise.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why the Amex Cobalt Card deserves the prime spot in your wallet, breaking down its earning structure and strategies for maximizing the potential of every purchase.

Amex Cobalt: Earn 1x points on everything else

You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent on:

What everyday purchases are eligible to earn 1x points with the Amex Cobalt card?

First, it’s important to know that you’ll earn points multipliers with these categories:

If your purchase belong to one of the above categories, you’ll earn 1x points on:

This includes transactions from

  • Third-party accounts or services for payment
  • Card readers on mobile phones
  • Online retailers selling products from various merchants
  • Or, in cases where a merchant category cannot be identified.

How to find the American Express Merchant Code

The merchant code is usually found by looking at the Merchant Category Code (MCC), a four-digit code assigned to businesses and credit card companies. The MCC helps identify what type of products or services are offered by a particular business. It can be hard to find these codes, but it is sometimes best to check your receipt or credit card statement. Look for a four-digit number associated with the transaction – this is likely the MCC.

What Purchases Aren’t Eligible to Earn Points?

The following transactions are not eligible for Membership Rewards points:

  • Interest charges
  • Annual Card Membership Fees
  • Cash Advances
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Balance transfer fees

How much can Amex Cobalt points be redeemed?

Amex Cobalt Card offers unlimited 1x points for general merchandise purchases. Spending bonus categories such as the Cobalt Card: Get 5x the points on food and drinkEarning 1px points is not restricted.

Checklist for A Points Strategy

Consider this mental checklist before accepting the default earning rate of Cobalt Card 1x points:

  • Will I be able to earn more points in a bonus category? These points will appear automatically on your statement:
  • Can I use a gift card from an grocer to earn 5x points and then buy general merchandise with it?
  • Can I use an online shopping site such as Aeroplan eStore, Great Canadian Rebates, RakutenHow can I earn more points?

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The American Express Cobalt Card is the clear winner when it comes to Canadian rewards cards. Its diverse earning structure makes it a leader.

This card offers a dynamic rewards program. From the 5x points for restaurants and groceries, to the 1x points for general merchandise.

American Express is accepted in over 90 000 stores across Canada, including restaurants, stores, and service providers. This map shows you where to use your Cobalt Card across Canada.

Amex Cobalt Card redefines how you receive Credit Card rewards.

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