Instagram engagement tips for 2024: From likes to leads, how to increase your real estate business.


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Want to grow your real estate community, improve your Instagram game and boost your lead generation this year?

Delivering social content that is captivating and unforgettable in an age where authenticity is paramount, will take your real estate brand the next level.

What makes content memorable? Today, we’re spilling our agency-approved Instagram tips and strategies for increasing engagement and building a real estate brand that stands out from the crowd.


Crush Your Captions


Use a proven formula to create captions that will resonate with your audience and drive engagement on Instagram.


1. StartWith a scroll-stopping Hook. You know from scrolling social media that the hook will make you stop and read. Strong hooks evoke emotions and make viewers think “I HAVE to hear what they’re going to say next!”This could be an intriguing question, a bold claim or a powerful stat related to real estate.

Here are some unique examples of hooks.

  • Use a “what if” scenario: “What if you could cut your mortgage in half?”
  • Curious? “This one tip helped my client sell for tens of thousands more…”
  • Take the opposite direction: “I’m done with the ‘sold over asking’ marketing tactic. Here’s why…”


2. TellA story. When it comes Instagram marketing, sharing generic advice and basic tips is no longer a viable strategy. Instead, use storytelling to connect with your audiences more deeply, provide insight and stir up emotion. Share your own experiences and lessons as a realtor to make your content memorable.

Every story has a beginning (or a climax), a middle (or arc), and an end. Use the beginning of the story to describe the problem. Then, in the middle, tell the climax (what happened next). Finally, end the story with a solution or transformation.


3. Add to CartA call to action. Don’t overlook this important step in creating a killer caption. At the end of your post, invite viewers to engage with a clear call to action that prompts them to take the next step — like visiting your website, booking a consultation or engaging with your content.

As an example:

“Head over to the link in my bio to schedule your free call.”

“Comment ‘MOVE’ and I’ll send you my free Buying Guide!”

“Ready to buy or sell a home in 2024? Hop into my DMs and we’ll chat about your real estate goals!”


Show the real You


You are constantly being told to “show up authentically”What does this even mean? You can also say:? The reality is, it’s different for everyone. The best way to connect with your audience is to share a glimpse into your daily life — morning coffee at your favourite local spot, your furry friends or the Netflix show you’re currently binging, for example.

Contrary to popular belief, potential clients aren’t necessarily going to connect with you for What you should know Sell. They’re going to connect with you because of Who you are You can find out more about this by clicking here.. And, as it turns out, once people feel connected with you, they’ll be a lot more interested in your business. 

What is the easiest place to begin? Your Instagram stories are the best place to start! It’s important to show up on your Instagram stories regularly. This is a great way to share relatable experiences and build trust with your audience. What really attracts your dream client? “slide into your DMs.”

Ask yourself, “Who are you besides your role as an agent?” Maybe you’re also a parent who spends your free time hiking and LOVES thrifting on the weekend. Sharing what makes you special can provide endless opportunities to connect with clients. 


Document with video


Instagram Reels have become a powerful way to increase engagement and grow your audience. What’s the best part? You don’t need extensive video shooting or editing skills to do it. 

You can help potential clients imagine working with you by recording simple b-roll clips (short behind-the scenes video clips) from your daily life as an agent. It can be something as simple as opening a door, visiting a home, exploring the neighbourhood, talking on a phone or using your laptop. Once you’ve gathered your clips, it’s time to tell a story. 

Give these away Reel promptsTry it: 

  • A realtor’s day in the life
  • Staging a home: What you see vs what you don’t
  • Look out for these red flags before buying a home
  • When choosing a realtor, look for these green flags


Carousels can help you reach a wider audience.


Camera shy? You’re not alone. Fortunately, carousel postings are another way to boost engagement on Instagram. Here are some ways to incorporate carousel content into your content strategy.

Education. Educate your audience on the current state of real estate, new trends and investment opportunities. Divide complex real estate topics into easily-understandable slides by providing step-bystep instructions, tutorials, or informative graphics. You can use the formula below to create your carousel.

Client success stories. Use carousels for sharing success stories from previous clients. Keep in mind that it’s not just about sharing client feedback, it’s about spelling out the transformation from the client’s perspective while, at the same time, showcasing your expertise. 

Local businesses and neighbourhood highlights. Local businesses are highlighted to show off the community and encourage fellow entrepreneurs. Include photos of businesses such as coffee shops, boutiques or restaurants, along with captions that describe the products or services they offer and why they’re worth visiting. Encourage viewers to explore the local neighbourhood and support local businesses.


Put it into practice


It’s your turn! Use these proven strategies in your Instagram marketing today, and you’ll start seeing results. By embracing these tactics, you’ll not only enhance your content but also cultivate an online presence that resonates deeply with your ideal clients and keeps you top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a move. 


Stay tuned for our next post to learn how to attract the right audience, and keep them wanting more.


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