The Best Things to do in Corfu Town Greece in 2024


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If you’re looking for things to do in Corfu Town, look no further! Our Corfu travel guide shows you all the best places to visit in the city. These must-see attractions are a must for anyone visiting Corfu Town on a day trip from a cruise ship or staying three days in Corfu.

We spent three days exploring the Old Town of Corfu, the beaches and the historic sites. It was just enough time for us to appreciate the rich cultural heritage this ancient city has to offer. This is a great itinerary to follow in order to create your memories.

Corfu Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The entire old city of Corfu has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Corfu was a strategic location for trade and military routes throughout the ages. Empires vied for control from the Ottoman Empire until the Germans in the Second World War. With its ancient and strong historical and cultural heritage, it’s no wonder Corfu Town stands out. The Old Town was largely destroyed during World War II, but enough was left to rebuild and be granted UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Best things to do in Corfu Town UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO has stated that “the urban and port ensemble of Corfu, dominated by its two fortresses of Venetian origin, constitutes an architectural example of outstanding universal value in both its authenticity and its integrity.”

The Old Fortress, New Fortress and Palace of St. George & St. Michael are all architectural wonders in the town. Museums like the Museum of Asian Art and the Archaeological Museum provide deep insights into the island’s history and art.

Top Things to Do in the Old Town of Corfu

Top things to do in Corfu TownTop things to do in Corfu Town

Corfu is located on the border of Albania, at the northernmost Ionian Island. It is located in a bay of the Adriatic Sea just off the northwest coast Greek mainland. This town, which is known for both its historical and cultural heritage, is a must visit when planning a vacation to Greece. Corfu was ruled by the Venetians for four centuries, and it will remind you of Venice more than the whitewashed island of Santorini.

Corfu Town’s charm is in its narrow streets, the cool waters of Mediterranean and its Venetian-British history.

1. Mon Repos Palace Hotel

Mon Repos Palace Hotel in Corfu GreeceMon Repos Palace Hotel in Corfu Greece

We are based at Mon Repos PalaceThe hotel is located in Garitsa Bay just 1 km from the Old Town of Corfu. After a stroll along the promenade, you can reach the Old Town in a short time. It is far enough from Corfu City for you to relax and escape. It is located directly opposite the Adriatic Sea and has a beach, a swimming pool, a restaurant, s bar, and nightly entertainment.

In this area, there are also plenty of restaurants on the waterfront to choose from, so you don’t need to go to Corfu Town every night. This adults-only resort was the perfect place to stay for our three days on Corfu.

Mon Repos Palace Hotel also offers easy access to many of Corfu’s top attractions, such as the Mon Repos Baths and Mon Repos Palace. Later, we’ll talk more about that. Let’s begin with the top attractions in Corfu for those of you who have only been to Corfu for one day. Then, we’ll move on to Corfu.

2. Hop-on Hop Off Bus

Hop on Hop off bus in Corfu Town GreeceHop on Hop off bus in Corfu Town Greece

Corfu Island has a very large area. Even in Corfu Town you will see that the attractions are spread out from the Old Port all the way to Garitsa Bay. The Hop on Hop Off Bus is a great way to see Cofru quickly. You can catch the Hop on Hop off Bus at the Corfu port, which will take to you many of the top attractions.

It is valid for 24 hours and allows unlimited stops.

3. Old Fortress

Old Fortress in Corfu Town GreeceOld Fortress in Corfu Town Greece

The Old Fort in Corfu has to be the most popular tourist attraction. The Venetian Fortress of Corfu’s Old Fortress, or Palaio Frourio, has a rich history dating back to Byzantine times. The current structure of the Old Fortress of Corfu was developed under Venetian rule between the 14th and 16th centuries. The Venetians cleverly recognized Corfu’s strategic importance so they fortified the island to protect it from Ottoman invasions.

You should go there first thing in the morning, before the tour buses arrive and the crowds. We walked there from Mon Repos Palace. We recommend going early in the day to avoid crowds, but also to enjoy cooler weather.

4. St. George’s Church

St Georges Church Corfu Town GreeceSt Georges Church Corfu Town Greece

This fortress has certainly seen its fair share of history. Corfu Island was also under British Rule during the early 19th century, and the Old Fortress houses St. George’s Church, which was built by the British.

The entrance to the fortress can be marked by the drawbridge that leads to the main gate. This gate sets the tone of the grandeur, and historical significance, of the site.

The Old Barracks provide a glimpse into military life under Venetian and British rule. Now they host various cultural and exhibition events.

The Lighthouse is located at the highest point in the fortress. The view from the top is spectacular, offering a panoramic view of Corfu Town as well as the Ionian Sea. This was the best view we could find of the capital.

5. The Byzantine Museum

Byzantine Museum in Corfu TownByzantine Museum in Corfu Town

Housed within the fortress, the Byzantine museum showcases a collection of Byzantine icons, frescoes, and other religious artifacts, providing a deeper understanding of Corfu’s cultural and religious heritage. Before you leave the old fortress, it’s worth popping in to not only see the collection but cool off from the heat.

6. Spianada Square – Esplanade Public Square

Spianada Square in Corfu Town GreeceSpianada Square in Corfu Town Greece

The Upper Esplanade Public Square (also known as Spianada Square) is the largest square of Greece and one the largest in Europe. Esplanade Public Square is located directly across from the Old Fortress and is an excellent place to grab a Greek pastry or coffee before heading to Corfu Old Town.

Once you’ve enjoyed your coffee, take a stroll along the Liston Promenade that was built by the French in the early 19th century, it is lined with restaurants and shops along elegant arcades and lanterns.

7. Maitland Monument

Maitland Monument in Corfu TownMaitland Monument in Corfu Town

Spianada Square, one of Europe’s biggest squares, has many interesting things to discover. Look out for the Maitland Monument. It is a neoclassical rotunda that was built in honor of Sir Thomas Maitland who was a British Lord high commissioner. We didn’t know what it was until we got there, but the rotunda is truly impressive. There are beautiful gardens as well as a cricket field, playgrounds and pedestrian-friendly pathways.

8. St. Michael and St. George Palace

St. Michael and St. George Palace CorfuSt. Michael and St. George Palace Corfu

The Palace of St. Michael and St. George at the northernmost end of the Esplanade is a neoclassical, impressive building that houses the Museum of Asian Art. The palace is a piece of art with beautiful gardens, a grand interior and a magnificent exterior.

From here, you can view the Old Fort in great detail. There is a sculpture park and a lovely walk under the shaded tree to escape the heat. The porticoes and views of the sea are popular for taking photos.

9. Museum of Asian Art

Museum of Asian Art CorfuMuseum of Asian Art Corfu

One of Corfu Town’s most popular museums is located in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. It is the only museum dedicated to art and antiquities from Asia in Greece. The museums display art from China, Japan, India, Central Asia, and other Asian countries.

The Ming and Qing Dynasties are represented by exquisite ceramics, porcelain, jade carvings and bronze artifacts. Japanese art is well represented, with a collection including samurai weapons, ceramics and woodblock prints. Indian and Southeast Asian Art showcases sculptures as well as textiles and religious objects.

The museum is located in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. It was built during the British Protectorate. The palace’s neoclassical design, with its grand halls and elegant rooms, adds to the overall experience of visiting the museum.

10. Archaeological Museum of Corfu

things to do in corfu town videothings to do in corfu town video

As you continue walking, you’ll come across the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, located just off the Upper Esplanade. The Museum houses important artifacts from Corfu’s ancient history, including the impressive Gorgon pediment from the Temple of Artemis. With its ancient history, you can find artifacts that date back to the Paleolithic Era.

11. New Fortress

New Fortress of CorfuNew Fortress of Corfu

Also of Venetian origin, the New Fortress (Neo Frourio) isn’t all that new. It was actually built between 1576 and1588, just a few short years after the Old Fortress.

View of Corfu Town From New FortressView of Corfu Town From New Fortress

We enjoyed the New Fortress better than the Old Fortress because fewer people visited the architectural Mavel. We walked around its massive walls and bastions. The underground passages also displayed the advanced engineering techniques used at the time. The design features multiple levels, interconnected tunnels and a formidable defence system. It also offers beautiful views of Corfu Town where you can see its Venetian influences.

12. Dimarchiou – Old City Hall

Dimarchiou or Old City Hall CorfuDimarchiou or Old City Hall Corfu

Dimarchiou Square in Corfu Town is a vibrant hub of activity, and a cultural landmark. This vibrant area, named after the Town Hall that overlooks the Square (Dimarchiou), is surrounded elegant Venetian architecture, charming cafes and boutique shops.

It is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike, with its beautiful gardens and historic architecture. The square is often the site of local events and festivals, making it a lively and essential part of Corfu’s urban landscape.

13. Church of St. Spyridon

Church of St. Spyridon in the streets of Corfu TownChurch of St. Spyridon in the streets of Corfu Town

The Chruch of St. Spyridon dominates the skyline in the Old Town. The Church of St. Spyridon was built to honor the patron saint of Corfu. Its tallest bell tower is in the Ionian Islands. Inside, you’ll find beautiful frescoes and the silver sarcophagus of St. Spyridon, believed to protect the island. The tomb of St. Spyridon is guarded by monks and no photos are allowed. However, it’s worth visiting to see.

Corfu also has the oldest church, St. Sosipater. The Church of Panagia Spiliotissa is another architectural wonder.

Shopping in Corfu TownShopping in Corfu Town

Corfu Old Town’s narrow streets are lined with shops offering everything from local crafts to designer goods. Don’t miss the chance to buy traditional kumquat liqueur, olive wood products, and handmade jewelry. Grab an icecream and get lost in the narrow, winding streets that weave through old down.

15. Sunset Cruise

sunset cruise corfusunset cruise corfu

If you are visiting the Ionian Islands, Greece, it is essential that you get on the sea. We took a yacht to neighboring smaller islands. There are also day tours and cruises available to see Corru.

Day Trip Paxos Antipaxos

Paxos & Antipaxos can be reached by ferry from Corfu. We spent several days exploring these small islands, which are worth the trip on their own.

16. Faliraki Beach

faliraki beach corfufaliraki beach corfu

Faliraki Beach, located only a short distance from Corfu Old Town is ideal for a quick getaway to the beach without having to travel too far. After exploring the town’s historical and cultural sights, visitors can easily relax and unwind by the sea.

The beach provides breathtaking views of both the Old Fortress as well as the azure waters and blue skies of the Ionian Sea. The scenic backdrop is perfect for taking memorable photos and enjoying the serene beauty of Corfu’s coastline. This is also a great place for snorkeling. It is a great spot for families with kids and swimmers of any age. The gentle waves are a great attraction. A beach bar serves Greek cuisine and refreshing beverages.

17. Windmill Lighthouse

windmill lighthouse corfuwindmill lighthouse corfu

The Windmill Lighthouse is one of our favorite places in Corfu to watch the sunset. The lighthouse is near the Mon Repos Palace Hotel. We walked out and enjoyed one of our most breathtaking sunsets. Locals love to swim in this area.

18. Mon Repos Palace Park

mon repos palace corfu greecemon repos palace corfu greece

Mon Repos Palace has a neoclassical style villa surrounded by beautiful gardens. It was Prince Philip’s birthplace and now houses Palaiopolis Museum, which showcases archeological finds from the area. Mon Repos Palace, the summer residence of British High Commissioner, was a beautiful mansion. The palace is easily accessible via the Hop on Hop off Bus and is situated in a beautiful park with sculptures and walking paths.

19. Mo Repos Baths

mon repos baths corfu greecemon repos baths corfu greece

Mon Repos Baths is located near Mon Repos Palace. Visitors can enjoy the beach and lounge chairs, umbrellas, as well as food and beverage service. These historical baths are located on the Mon Repos Estate. They are perfect for a relaxing dip in the clear water. The baths can be reached by walking from Mon Repos Palace Hotel or The Lighthouse.

20. Vlacherna Monastery

vlacherna monastery corfu greecevlacherna monastery corfu greece

Vlacherna Monastery has a pedestrian walkway connecting it to the mainland. It is one the most photographed places on Corfu. It dates back to the 17th Century and was used as a nunnery up until the 1980s. The airport is directly in front of the monastery, so people flock there to watch planes land. It is also a popular place in Corfu to watch the sunset.

21. Mouse Island

mouse island corfu greecemouse island corfu greece

It is only a short boat trip from Vlacherna Monastery to Mouse Island, or Pontikonisi. Mouse Island is one of Corfu’s iconic landmarks. This small island is just a short boat trip from the mainland, it’s a tranquil spot with a small chapel and lush greenery. It’s particularly beautiful when viewed from above.

22. Kanoni

Kanoni in CorfuKanoni in Corfu

Kanoni, the area that is located after leaving Old Town, is considered to be the new part of Corfu Town. Kanoni is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and watch planes land in Corfu Town. Take the hop on, hop off bus out to Kanoni. You can see planes landing directly beside the Ariti Hotel and Kanoni Cafe. You can also take some Instagram-worthy shots of the Corfu sign.

There are many hotels and restaurants in the area where you can eat Greek food and enjoy an Aperol Spitz.

23. Ancient City Of Paleopolis

Fun things to do in Corfu Town PaleopolisFun things to do in Corfu Town Paleopolis

The Ancient City of Paleopolis, located on the island’s west coast, is one of its most important historical sites. It dates back to 8th century BC, and was once a thriving capital of Corfu. Paleopolis, near the Mon Repos estate in Corfu, is a collection of ancient ruins from different periods, such as the Greek and Roman eras. The Hop on Hop Off Bus makes it easy to reach from Old Town.

The Temple of Artemis was built around 580 BC. It once housed the famous Gorgon Medusa pedestal, now on display in the Archaeological Museum.

The ruins of Roman baths will also be visible, highlighting the influence of Roman culture on Paleopolis. The site has well-preserved tiles and remains of the system used to heat the baths, the hypocaust.

The Agora was a social and commercial hub in the ancient city. An early Christian Basilica dates back to 5th century AD. The ruins include parts of the mosaic floor and the outline of the church’s structure, providing insight into the early Christian presence on the island.

How to Get to Corfu

Landing at Corfu AirportLanding at Corfu Airport

Corfu Town has easy access, with the Corfu International Airport only a short drive away and frequent ferry connections between the Greek mainland and the other Ionian Islands. You can explore the town on foot, or take Uber, Taxis or Hop off Bus.

Located off the mainland Greece. It is easiest to reach by air. check flight schedules hereCorfu International Airport is served by direct flights from many European cities, especially during the tourist seasons.

There are regular flights within Greece from Athens, Thessaloniki and other major cities. Ferry services connect Corfu with several ports on the mainland including Igoumenitsa, Patras and international destinations such as Italy and Albania.

Ferries connect Corfu with other Ionian Islands. Island hopping is a convenient way to explore the islands. Once on the Island, Corfu Town, is easily accessible via taxi, bus, and rental car. This will ensure a smooth start for your exploration of this enchanting location.

Is Corfu Town a Worthwhile Visit?

Selfie in Corfu Town GreeceSelfie in Corfu Town Greece

Corfu Town is a must-see. Corfu Town (also known as Kerkyra) boasts a rich and varied history that spans many centuries and civilizations. The architecture reflects this ancient city’s diverse past with influences of the Venetians. French and British are also present. Walking through its narrow, cobblestone streets, you’ll encounter beautifully preserved buildings, historic churches, and grand palaces.

Liston Promenade with its cafes and eateries is a great spot to relax and people watch. The town’s squares, such as Spianada and Dimarchiou Square, are bustling with activity and often host local events and festivals.

Corfu Town offers a paradise for foodies. FromTraditional GreekThe town has a variety of dining options, from tavernas and upscale restaurants. Don’t miss trying local specialties such as sofrito, pastitsada, and fresh seafood.

Where to stay in Corfu

Corfu Town HotelsCorfu Town Hotels

We stayed in Mon Repos PalaceCorfu Town has many great places to stay, including just outside Old Town Corfu. Both are worth checking out Hotel Bella VeneziaOld Town and the Ariti Grand HotelKanoni

The Island of Corfu

Island of Corfu in GreeceIsland of Corfu in Greece

When you visit Corfu, don’t limit yourself to just Corfu Town; the rest of the island is beautiful. We booked a car rentalEnjoy another week of exploring the beautiful beaches and northern side of Corfu.

Here is a list of all the best things to see and do in Corfu Town. From the old town, to the beaches, to the scenic views. Corfu should be on your list if you are planning to travel to Greece. It is an excellent destination all year long that is perfect for adding to your visit to northern Greece. Have you been on Corfu? What did we forget to mention? Let us know below in the comments.

Plan your trip and visit Corfu as well as these other Greek Islands.

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