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Remote and hybrid work flexibility has given rise to even more job opportunities as job seekers and employers transition to offices post-pandemic. Today, jobs with remote and hybrid options garner more job seeker interest, with the focus being flexibility. This year’s metric is based on critical factors job seekers consider and why these positions can earn you some of the best salaries in Canada.

Such reports help job seekers to plan their future careers based on job prospects. That said, here are the top 10 best jobs in Canada for 2024.

1. Senior Tax Manager

Senior tax managers are responsible for critical financial elements touching on the organization’s tax compliance, planning and strategy. They manage tax filings, implement effective tax strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance within the organization.

This position necessitates the employee to have an extensive understanding of Canada’s financial reporting, tax legislation, and a strategic approach to maximizing the company’s tax position while mitigating all risks.

The median annual wage for a senior tax manager is $140,000

Remote or hybrid: 15%

2. Associate Dean

The primary role of associate deans at universities or academic institutions is to assist the dean with various academic and administrative duties. An associate dean frequently supervises individual departments, engages in faculty evaluation and recruiting, and manages curriculum development.

They may also engage in strategic planning, establishing a favorable academic climate for students and teachers within the premise, and executing policies.

Associate deans earn a median annual salary of $115,000

Remote or hybrid: 14%

3. Senior Electrical Engineer

Employees in this position plan, develop, and supervise electrical systems and component installations. Senior electrical engineers manage project teams, ensuring all electrical systems and components operate optimally while assuring quality and adherence to organizational standards. They analyze electrical requirements, diagnose electrical components, and propose inventive solutions to possible issues.

A senior electrical engineer’s knowledge also spans power distribution and electronic components, all contributing to the organization’s project success.

Senior electrical engineers expect a median annual salary of $110,000

Remote or hybrid: 25%

4. Governance Manager

Governance managers control and improve organizational governance systems, ensuring they meet the legal and regulatory standards. This position requires employees to create and implement policies, evaluate governance risks, and work with leadership to assess and improve decision-making procedures.

This position seeks to build an effective governance process within the organization that’s consistent with the company’s goals while promoting accountability and transparency.

The median annual wage for a governance manager is $100,000

Remote or hybrid: 26%

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