Visit These Places to Experience the 2024 Solar Eclipse


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All eyes will be on the sky on April 8 when a spectacular, once in a lifetime celestial event will take place – a total solar eclipse.

As the moon aligns with Earth, a temporary darkness will be felt across the country. Ontario hasn’t witnessed a total solar eclipse in over 50 years (the last was in 1972), and the next won’t take place for another eight decades, in 2106. 

We’re warned not to look directly at a total solar eclipse with appropriate protective glasses, but the solar eclipse is an extraordinary event that deserves to be celebrated, not feared. There are many ways to get there. You can find out more about this by clicking here. opportunities to safely – and memorably – embrace this awe-inspiring celestial phenomenon.

The following destinations and events can be added to your Ontario Eclipse ToDo List.


The Waring House proudly brings you The Solar Eclipse Extravaganza. This event will be a celestial celebration that the whole family will enjoy. It is set against the stunning backdrops of Prince Edward County.

Time: Starts 12 noon (Eclipse predicted at 3:21).
Where: The Waring House in Picton

Tickets are $10 if ordered in advance by calling (613) 476-7492. Children are free.

Workshop for decorating glasses

Guided experience with an Astronomy Ambassador from Queen’s University

A unique experience created by The Department of Illumination. (More info to follow!) 

Lawn games for all ages

Eclipse-Themed Food and Drink Menu: Enjoy our specially curated menu of delicious treats and refreshing drinks inspired by the cosmos.


Join the Fun: Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or simply looking to witness the magic of a solar eclipse for the first time, The Solar Eclipse Extravaganza offers something for everyone.

Bring your friends, family, and sense of wonder as we come together to marvel at one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to witness a solar eclipse in style at The Waring House. Secure your tickets and prepare yourself for a celestial event you will never forget.


Niagara Parks is taking you on a cosmic journey that culminates in the highly anticipated solar Eclipse on April 8, 2020, which will be directly over Niagara Falls. Visit the Niagara Parks website and you’ll find information about their listing of designated viewing areas and upcoming programming. Don’t miss your chance to be part of history.

Free Concert & Fireworks | Monday, April 8 | Queen Victoria Park

Enjoy a concert at Queen Victoria Park in celebration of the celestial event that is taking place over Niagara Falls. This free concert presented by Niagara Falls Tourism will take place before and following the eclipse. It’s the perfect way for you to spend an unforgettable afternoon in Niagara Parks.  

The Glorious Sons will be performing, as well as JJ Wilde and New Friends. The Niagara Symphony Orchestra will also perform a special concert. The entertainment will kick off with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra playing the prelude to the total solar eclipse and resuming once totality is reached when the moon fully eclipses the sun–a truly epic moment. The concert will end with a spectacular fireworks display over Niagara Falls at 10 pm.

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