Why a 2-Bedroom Apartment Is a Smart Decision for Newcomers


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Many reasons make a 2-bedroom apartment the best choice of rental accommodation for international students and newcomers. 

The main benefit is having a roommate who can split the rent. 

A two-bedroom apartment is currently the most affordable option in Toronto. Rentals.caRents for a one-bedroom apartment are $2,521.

That’s expensive.

The good news is a two-bedroom apartment in HamiltonBuys for $2.185 and in Windsor, Ontario, it’s $1,948. If you go further west, you can find a two-bedroom apartment in Edmonton, AlbertaThe cost of a’s is $1,602.

There are a lot of 2-bedroom options available in the US for newcomers, students and other groups. Check out Renting for NewcomersCheck out the current listings for Canada.

Two-bedroom units are appealing to younger renters, such as Millennials and GenZ (the newcomer demographic! Two-bedroom units are popular with younger renters (Millennials and GenZ) as well as immigrants who arrive with their families. So, it’s no wonder that it has the highest rent demand in urban areas. 

Statistica reports that the majority of apartment units in Canada are two-bedroom. 

The number of bedrooms that you need for your family depends on your financial situation and your needs.

Normally, a family of 5 can live in a 2-bedroom apartment, depending on the landlord’s wishes. When applying for an apartment, be sure to tell the landlord everything. You cannot refuse to rent their property because of your size of family.

Also, when choosing a two-bedroom, consider the apartment’s size and your family’s needs. It’s a good idea to check the specific layout and size of the apartment in question to make sure everyone can live comfortably and well. 

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A two-bedroom design gives you, your roommate/family and yourself more living space (and closet space). It also gives you a wider range of furniture options. It gives you more freedom in designing your living space.

Distribution of residential units in Canada by building type, 2021

Other reasons for choosing a floor plan with two bedrooms include:

  • There is enough space to set up a home office.
  • The common area can accommodate up to four people.
  • Share utility costs with your roommate
  • Shared housing allows you to live nearer your work or school
  • Some offer a main room with a private bath
  • A spare room for visiting family members and friends
  • You may also get a larger balcony that is useful in the summer.
  • It is much preferable than a one-bedroom if you’re planning to start a family in Canada
  • You have more freedom to choose your lifestyle.
  • If you’re planning to buy a home within 3 to 5 years, a two-bedroom allows you to remain in one spot until you do – in other words, no moves.

Here are four common floor plans for two-bedroom apartments.

2-bedroom floor plan with house keys placed on top of the plan.
  1. The smallest 2-bedroom floor plan has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a hallway outside either bedroom. This allows anyone to get to the bathroom without having to go through a bedroom. This is the ideal layout for two roommates. The two bedrooms are also (almost?) equal in size. Check the amount of space available for storage.

2. The medium-sized version can have two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms on one or more floors. Two-story layouts usually have a kitchen, living room, and half bathroom on the ground floor, and two bedrooms with a separate bathroom upstairs. If it’s a one-story layout, there may be a half bath near the living room and kitchen with a full bath near the bedrooms. An extra half-bathroom can be a valuable feature for newcomers who have families or many guests.

3. The larger two-bedroom apartment plans, which are usually found in condo rentals, have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In this layout,  the main bedroom has an attached full bathroom, while the second bedroom does not. The second bathroom is usually located off a hallway. This allows guests to access it without having to walk through the bedroom.

4. The 2-bedroom deluxe layout that is common in condo rentals may have up to 2.5 bathrooms. It includes walk-in wardrobes in the main bedroom. This may include fixtures upgrades and a bigger kitchen/dining room.

Renting a two-bedroom apartment is a great way for newcomers to plan their future, including buying a home. It allows them to balance affordability with living space and flexibility, while still planning the long term.

It’s no wonder 2-bedroom apartments are in such demand in Canada.

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