Kariya Park in Mississauga – A Beautiful Japanese Garden


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Kariya Park is a tranquil place in the middle of the city. Mississauga is a bustling city, Ontario. It is a peaceful Japanese-style garden that pays homage to Kariya City Japan, Mississauga’s twinned sister town.

Kariya Garden is centrally located in the heart of the city, near Square One – the largest shopping mall in the region. It’s also one of The best gardens in TorontoYou will love the cherry blossoms that bloom in spring.

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Kariya Park Mississauga

You would never know that you were so close to a busy and noisy place if you stepped foot in this quiet and peaceful park. We’re very fortunate to live just a short drive away in Port Credit is located in the village of Port CreditLake Ontario.

All About Kariya Park Mississauga

Front gates to Kariya ParkFront gates to Kariya Park

Kariya Park opened officially in July 1992 to commemorate the 11th anniversary between Mississauga & Kariya. Its design was the result of a collaboration between Canadians and Japanese planners.

Kariya ParkKariya Park
Kariya ParkKariya Park

The Mississauga planners wanted the park to have a Japanese character and appearance. The Japanese garden focuses on aesthetics, rhythm, and balance.

Visiting Kariya Park

Kariya ParkKariya Park

Justin and I visited Kariya Park, hoping to see cherry blossoms in bloom. In this particular occasion, we had a harsh winter so there weren’t many cherry blossoms, but I think you’ll have better luck than we did.

Even if there aren’t any cherry blossoms, this is a beautiful Japanese garden. Kariya Park has many trees and plants with Japanese roots.

Kariya ParkKariya Park
Kariya ParkKariya Park

These include ginkgo (at the park’s entrance), redbud, sweetgum, peonies, and Japanese maple. The park’s entrance is lined with Kariya’s official city flower, the delicate purple rabbit-ear iris. This blooms slightly later in the year.

The Pavilion and Friendship Bell

Kariya Park Friendship BellKariya Park Friendship Bell

One of the focal points of the park is the Pavilion, a Japanese-style building with two sections – one each representing both Mississauga and Kariya, with the Friendship Bell located in the middle.

The Friendship Bell is a bronze bell that was cast in Japan by Kariya City and donated in 2001 to celebrate 20 years of twin-city relations. This bronze bell represents a friendship that will last a lifetime between the two cities.

The bell is decorated with iris flowers and the symbol for Kariya City. This includes the wild goose (Kari), about to take flight, and a figure 8, both symbols of future development for the city. If you combine the two words (Kari and Ya), you get the name of the city – Kariya!

The bell is inscribed with the following: “By welcoming the new century this bell is produced as a symbol of everlasting friendship between the City of Mississauga and the City of Kariya”.

Large Pond and Bridge

Lauren on bridge at Kariya ParkLauren on bridge at Kariya Park

A large pond is directly in front of the Pavilion, with a bridge that crosses it. The pond is home to many animals, including Canada geese and ducks. It also has fish, turtles, and even fish!

Duck in MississaugaDuck in Mississauga
Canada GooseCanada Goose
Canada GooseCanada Goose

While we didn’t get to see any turtles, but we saw geese and ducks swimming around and resting on the rocks. Keep an eye on local wildlife.

South Pond and Woodland

Kariya Park PondKariya Park Pond

We saw water cascading from the rocks into a small, shady pond. Continue down the path and you will reach a wooded, shady area that is lush with ferns and woodland plants.

This is a beautiful place to take a walk, relax and enjoy the scenery. This section of the park, as well as the rest of the park, was very peaceful.

Friendship between Two Cities

Kariya and MississaugaKariya and Mississauga

A plaque commemorating the friendship between two cities is located near the entrance to the park. You can see a photo mosaic of Mississauga residents and Kariya citizens up close. Kariya Park celebrates the special connection between Mississauga, Canada and Kariya Japan.

Kariya Friendship WallKariya Friendship Wall
Mando MatsuriMando Matsuri

From a distance you can see the photos combine to form a single image that represents the Japanese festival, Mando Matsuri, in Kariya. Mando Matsuri has been celebrated by the residents of Kariya in Japan for over 200 years.

You can learn more about it here. “Mando”Paper lanterns are large and colorful. People from across the city hold up the Mando in prayer to the God of Akiba Shrine for rain. It’s a magnificent sight to witness the massive, bright, and beautiful Mando floating across the summer sky.

Where to see Cherry Blossoms Mississauga

Cherry Blossoms MississaugaCherry Blossoms Mississauga

Cherry blossoms in Kariya Park usually bloom around the second half of May, but they seem to bloom earlier and earlier each year. All depends on the winter weather and spring weather.

Cherry Blossoms MississaugaCherry Blossoms Mississauga
Cherry Blossoms MississaugaCherry Blossoms Mississauga

When I visited, the trees inside the park unfortunately didn’t produce any blooms that year. One tree, just outside the park gate, was in full cherry blossom bloom.

As you can see, the cherry blossoms at Toronto’s High Park are set to bloom during the third week of April this year, this will typically align with Kariya Park’s cherry blossoms. You can visit anytime between April 19, 2019 and April 28, 2019.

Plan your visit to Kariya Park

Statue in Kariya ParkStatue in Kariya Park

Visit the to see pictures of Mississauga Park, Kariya in Japan. Mississauga Friendship Association website. It includes features like a large maple leaf structure, a log cabin, a replica of Mississauga’s Civic Centre, and a sculpture of a bear riding in a canoe. How Canadian!

Kariya Park is available daily from 7:00am until 9:00pm. There are parking spaces on the street, Kariya Drive. There is a small charge for parking and these spots are limited. I suggest parking in Square One Shopping Mall, and walking to Kariya Park.

Justin at Kariya ParkJustin at Kariya Park
Kariya ParkKariya Park

In the winter, it is possible that access to the park will be restricted. Kariya Park is best visited from spring to autumn.

You might want to go out for lunch or tea following your visit to Kariya Park. You can have a delicious lunch or tea after visiting Kariya Park. Vegetarian Tea HouseThe Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple is a great choice. If you’re interested in doing some more scenic walks or hikes in the city, check out the Top 10 hiking trails near Mississauga.

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