New survey highlights top stress factors for Canadian business travellers


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Corporate Traveller Canada has conducted a new poll that paints a vivid image of the challenges facing Canadian business travellers. They are dealing with rising travel costs, the introduction of surge pricing policies by some airlines on checked baggage and new paid seating options.

Schedule disruptions cause the most anxiety for 45%. Meanwhile, 44% of business travellers are stressed by rising travel expenses and 42% of them are worried about economic uncertainty.

These factors show that business travel is a major burden for Canadian corporate travelers. At a time when business travel bookings have increased by 10% compared to last year, according to Corporate Traveller’s own tracking, this underscores a need for more streamlined, carry-on-focused travel tactics.

Chris Lynes, the Managing Director of Corporate Traveller, noted that: “Business travel today demands more than just showing up to meetings and networking; it’s about optimizing every aspect of the trip.”

He advised that: “Adopting carry-on-only travel and choosing strategic flight times are effective ways to enhance airport experiences, ensuring both cost savings and reduced stress.”

Some of the corporate travel options for Canadians include:

  • Maximize your carry-on:If you want to get the most out your carry-on, choose airlines that allow up 14kg. There is also the option to add extra weight if required. Online space is cheaper than buying it at the airport. Check the size allowances before checking in. They can save on fees.
  • Choose Amenities-Rich Hotels:Choose accommodations that offer amenities such as premium toiletries and gyms. This can help you reduce the amount of luggage you need to pack.
  • Flight Strategy:Lynes recommends booking direct flights to avoid unnecessary delays. Direct flights allow you to reach your destination faster, giving you more time for preparation, relaxation, or business activities.
  • Scheduling Smart :Consider the timing of your travels. It can make all the difference. “Flying in on Sunday can introduce a blend of leisure and business, potentially cutting costs and easing Monday rush,” Lynes points out.
  • Lounge Access:Lynes suggests that you should look for a travel credit card that offers more than just points. It is important to find a card that provides airport lounge access. This will allow you to escape the crowds at the gate.
  • Loyalty pays:Join loyalty programs for airlines and hotels. Simple steps, such as entering your membership number, can unlock future savings while enhancing overall travel experiences.
  • Professional Insight Don’t overlook the value of a seasoned travel expert. Corporate Traveller is able to meet the travel needs for industries like mining, manufacturing, and construction. We focus on what businesses want and need, making trips more efficient and cost-effective.

These tips will help Canadian businesses save money on travel and make their trips more productive. For travellers, staying ahead means easier, less stressful travel ready to meet today’s business needs.

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