The Ritz Carlton Toronto Offers A Staycation Special


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Enjoy a pampering staycation at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

We booked a staycation as a birthday treat. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.  Since we live in Toronto, we often don’t think about enjoying the great hotels in the downtown area.  The downtown area has some great hotels. our first big trip for 2024We decided to take a few mini-trips during the winter, since our main trip is not until April.  And David’s birthday was a great reason to plan a pampering escape close to home.

Our suite upgrade gave us a great spot to spend 24hrs at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto.   We enjoyed Afternoon Tea in the afternoon with our family.  We made the most of our stay thanks to great food and a lovely pool.

Plan A Short Staycation Stay

We decided to spend a few short stays in Toronto this year when we went downtown for entertainment.  Our first short-stay was at the Eatons Centre MarriottWhen we bought theatre tickets, we saw Chicago.   It was wonderful to have dinner downtown and then walk into the theatre.  We didn’t need to worry about the weather or traffic after the show to get home.

For our second short staycation, we looked for a treat for David’s birthday.  We have always enjoyed visiting Ritz-CarltonHotels are a must when we travel.  And our first The Ritz-Carlton Montreal offers a Canadian experienceWe were treated to a birthday treat that was truly special.  Since we hadn’t yet visited the Ritz-Carlton TorontoIt was a simple choice.  It was made even easier when we discovered they offered a delicious Afternoon tea.  

The snow fell right before we were to leave for Toronto, so we decided to leave the car at home. Uber downtown.  We ended our stay on a day when we were at work so that we could take the shuttle bus from our condo back home.  We were able to get quick and easy transport for our staycation.

The Elegant Ritz Carlton Toronto

When we checked the rates for Sunday night, the points rate was very good for this one night stay.  We tried to Get the best value for your travel loyalty pointsLuxury properties such as Ritz-CarltonShort stays are often great for hotels.  

We were thrilled to discover that the General manager of the hotel was the same person as the General Manager at the previous hotel. our first Ritz-Carlton stay in Geneva at Hotel de la Paix.  We knew it would be an exemplary stay and a fascinating experience.

We entered the hotel lobby and saw crystal decor all around us.  We found a colourful Chihuly piece of glass art in the Ritz cafe.  We came to love Chihuly’s work when We first visited the Chihuly Garden and GlassSeattle is a city that offers a wide range of activities.

Front Entrance Sign - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Lobby Crystal Art - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Lobby Crystal Art - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Chihuly Crystal Art

There are 400 pieces of Canadian art commissioned especially for the hotel.  The hotel is similar to the Hotel de la PaixWe felt like we had entered an art gallery while wandering around the hotel in Geneva.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the elegance we had expected for a staycation. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

Upgrade to a SuiteOn A Staycation Special at The Ritz Carlton Toronto

The ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz welcomed us warmly upon our arrival early at the hotel.  Our room was ready.  Then we discovered that our room had been upgraded to a suite with a nice view.  We were happy to have so much space to spread out.  

Corner Lake View Suite - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Corner Lake View Suite - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Corner Lake View Suite

The corner room’s view was spectacular during the day, with the CN Tower and waterfront.  As we watched the sun set, the view was even more spectacular.

CN Tower View
CN Tower View - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

When we opened the door after hearing a knock, we found a huge spread of sweets as well as savory treats.  The tray contained wine that was bottled exclusively for this hotel.  We had to look at the treats before the view.

Amenity with Wine
Amenity with Wine CN Tower View - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

We had an amazing start to a staycation. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

An Afternoon Birthday Tea

Our son Kris, and his girlfriend joined us at the hotel for Afternoon. Tea. Epoch Bar & Kitchen Terrace.   Our table was reserved for the quiet room in the back with a roaring stove.  It was the perfect spot to spend a cold, winter afternoon.  It reminded of the setting for our wedding. AfternoonTea At The Ritz-Carlton Montreal.

Lobby Crystal Art Epoch Restaurant - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Afternoon Tea Epoch Lounge - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

This was Kris’s first experience with a formal Afternoon Tea ritual.  We were shown the Afternoon tea menu and told about the different treats that we would receive.  

We smelt the tea samples and looked at the tea menu.  Everyone selected their favourite tea flavour.  We were pleased to see the tea served with a tea timer that had multiple sand droppers for different types and strengths.  A “must”Tea for the real tea drinkers

Afternoon Tea Family

Each person arranged the three layers of treats on their tea trays differently.  On the bottom, we had a nice selection savoury scones.  On the middle layer we got 2 scones each – one with cranberries and one plain.  The scones came with clotted milk and two jams.  On the top layer, we found a variety of sweet treats.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea Savoury
Afternoon Tea Scones - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Afternoon Tea Sweets - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

We knew that we would not be able to finish all the food on our tea trays.  It was even more exciting when a second birthday treat arrived.  On a Happy Birthday tray, complete with a birthday cake and a selection of sweet treats, a variety of other sweet treats were delivered.

Afternoon Tea Birthday

Afternoon tea and a birthday celebration for the family were a delicious treat.  The hotel offers a wonderful staycation experience. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto Restaurants: A Taste of the Best!

We arrived early for the event Ritz-Carlton Toronto.  After checking in we headed downstairs to have a quick lunch to tide us over until our Afternoon Tea.  On Sunday, the Toca RestaurantBrunch is served in the middle of the day.  When we looked at their menu, we were eager to try Bananas Foster French Toast.  We knew that Afternoon Tea would have many sweets tempting us.  We decided to share a much healthier breakfast hash with a plate of perfect bacon, which we can only find at hotel restaurants.

Toca Breakfast - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

After Afternoon, we had no appetite for Dinner but we put it on the menu. Toca RestaurantWe have a list of places to visit again for an authentic Italian meal one day.  The menu featured many of our favourite Italian meals.  We were amazed at the cheese selection and knew we’d get the freshest cheese.  We also took a look at the wine cellar to see what we could sample.  

Toca Restaurant Cheese Room

The next morning my morning began with a tasty and hot cappuccino. Ritz Cafe. Even though we didn’t get a Marriott Bonvoy Elite Breakfast is Free Ritz-CarltonBreakfast is still served at hotels Toca RestaurantThat fuelled us for the rest of the day.  Breakfast was a good selection with large portions.

Toca Breakfast

Enjoy a staycation at the Ritz-Carlton TorontoWe never had to leave hotel because we found so much great food.

A Little Relaxation Before We Departed

You can also find out more about the following: Ritz-Carlton TorontoHad a great time MyBlend Spa.  We wished that we had booked a spa day instead of just a one-night stay.  We did not want to leave the indoor pool without a few minutes in it.  We spent some time in the hot tub jacuzzi.

Indoor Salt Pool & Hot Tub - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The pool was large and had a lot of lounge chairs. There was also a small cabana set up around the pool.  We could order room service to the pool if we wanted more food. It was the most beautiful hotel pool area we have ever seen.

Indoor Salt Pool - Staycation Treat At The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Indoor Salt Pool

We spent an hour relaxing in the pool area.  We enjoyed a relaxing hour in the pool area before heading out into the cold winter weather.  We thought this was the perfect way to end our staycation. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

The Ritz Carlton Toronto was a perfect staycation destination for us

Sometimes a short getaway can really make a difference.  Our staycation at the hotel was packed with 24 hours of fun. Ritz-Carlton Toronto.   

Our accommodations were luxurious and we had the best view.  Toronto’s cold winter days were made even more special by enjoying an afternoon tea with a roaring fireplace.  We enjoyed great food.  And David’s birthday was well celebrated.  It’s a great way to enjoy a short break near home.

There was a new thing coming to the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. It will be necessary to return!

Have you ever enjoyed a staycation experience at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto?  Did you enjoy more pampering than one day?

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