Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts for Your Special Someone (2024)


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A Valentine’s Day travel gift is always a good idea for the travel lover in your life. Does your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or special someone in your life love travel…as much as we do? Coming from one travel obsessed person to another, I know what’s it like to live, breathe, and dream all things travel.

When it comes to finding that special Valentine’s Day gift for your other half, it might be a good idea to roll with the travel theme.  Whether it’s a romantic, mushy, travel-inspired present or something a little more practical, here are my top choices for gifts for traveling couples.

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Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

I’ve split up this Valentine’s Day travel gift guide into three sections: save, spend, and splurge. The “save” items are perfect if you don’t want to break the bank. Perhaps you’ve only started dating not too long ago, and you want to buy a little special memento for your boyfriend or girlfriend who dreams of travel.

The “spend” items are if you’re looking for a slightly more expensive present; maybe it’s something that celebrates your partnership or something travel-related on your Valentine’s wish list.

And lastly, the “splurge” items are a little more flashy, but they’re the next best thing besides buying an expensive plane ticket or vacation away.

Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts: Save

There are so many reasons why you might choose to ‘save’ this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you’ve only been dating for a short while and don’t want to buy anything too extravagant. Maybe you’re in a long term relationship and saving for a big trip together, so you don’t want to buy anything unnecessary. Whatever your reason, you can still display a romantic gesture without breaking the bank. Here are our suggestions for being incredibly thoughtful while saving money on Valentine’s Day.

Travel adventure journal: Travel gift guide

Couples Travel Journal

Couples who adventure together, stay together! You can write down all of your journeys in this customized travel journal, featuring your names right on the front cover. It’s a custom wooden hardcover journal to bring along with you on your worldwide adventures.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide: Passport and luggage tags

Matching Luggage Tags and Passport Cover

With all of the adventures you’re taking together, why not splurge on some fancy new luggage tags and passport covers? Here’s a set of matching luggage tags and passport covers in a travel theme. They’re made with vegan leather, too!

Waypoint Candles

Vegan Travel Playing Cards

This pack of vegan translation playing cards is a game changer for those travelling to countries where English is not widely spoken. Created by Fussy Traveller Club, this deck of 52 cards features 52 different countries.

Each card translates, “I am vegan” and “I do not eat meat, fish, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, honey or animal products” in the native language of that country. They have been verified by native speakers of that language. These cards offer vegans peace of mind when ordering food at restaurants aboard. Plus, they double up as a regular deck of playing cards, too!

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover - Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee Maker

From one coffee lover to another, you need to own an Aeropress portable coffee maker if you want to have fabulous coffee wherever you go in the world.

With an Aeropress, you can easily make rich cups of coffee on the go, whether you’re on a plane, at the airport, camping, or anywhere in the world (basically anywhere you can find hot water). Read more of my tips for brewing coffee on the road.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in Your Life

Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Welcome to date night! But, what should you do? The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition provides so many great suggestions for what to do together on a date day or trip, even for couples who have been together a long time (like us!).

Justin and I love this book and it’s given us so many tips for little things to do together. What could be better than the gift of spending time together? The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition offers 50 scratch-off adventures where the possibilities are endless.

Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts: Spend

In this section of our Valentine’s Day travel gift guide, we’ll show you lots of ways to say, ‘I love you’ that relate to exploring the world. Many of these items you can use at home or on the go. You’ll be reminded of your fun adventures of a lifetime together with these thoughtful gifts. 

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in Your Life

Fuji Instant Camera

I love bringing my Fuji Instax Camera on my travels. These are little pictures that instantly print from the camera. Justin and I started a tradition of taking selfies in every new city or destination we visit.

There’s also a really neat little printer that you can buy to print similar types of photos from your smartphone. Make a photo album or scrapbook of your adventures together. Check out my full review here.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in Your Life

Adventuring Together Print

This customized travel-inspired print is so adorable and romantic that I couldn’t resist adding it to this Valentine’s Day travel gift guide. Made for couples, the print features your names and the maps of four cities that you’ve visited together artfully designed with their corresponding city maps. These make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift or even a wedding gift.

Couples Matching Onesies

Whether you’re staying at home, traveling somewhere in the cold weather, or visiting a cozy cabin in the woods, it’s important to stay warm and comfy. Shinesty has the most amazing adult onesies for him and her.

You can own your own matching onesies with your partner – Justin and I love ours! You can treat your loved one and yourself to some fun new comfy clothing.

Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts: Splurge

Here’s the really fun section of this Valentine’s day travel gift guide! If you have a little extra cash in your pocket or you want to buy something special for your loved one, here are my suggestions for the ultimate Valentine’s Day travel gifts (unless it’s a plane ticket or a vacation itself as those are probably the most amazing gifts of all).

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for the Travel Lover in Your Life

Travel Themed Rings

Here’s a stunning Valentine’s Day travel gift: a travel themed ring featuring a city of your choice. If one of his or her favorite cities in the world is Rome, London, Paris, or even Toronto (hey, gotta represent our home city!), why not buy a platinum, gold, or silver ring featuring that city? These rings are beautifully crafted and show so many intricate details. 

Cooking Classes for Worldwide Cuisine

This is the perfect romantic gift – learn to cook international cuisine together! Veecoco offers vegan cooking classes that feature cuisine from all over the world. Renowned and experiences chefs will guide you through each culinary style. You’ll be preparing world class dishes at home in no time.

I suggest taking one of the courses yourself first and surprising your partner with a delicious meal. Then, gift Veecoco to your partner so you can continue to learn together!

Standard Luggage Travel Bag

Standard Luggage Backpack

Whether you’re traveling close to home or flying overseas, this is the only backpack you’ll ever need. The Standard Luggage Backpack is the perfect one pack bag, suitcase, and shoulder bag all in one.

Check out my full review of Standard Luggage, and you’ll quickly see why this is one of the most amazing gifts.

Tinggly Gift Experiences

Tinggly Gift Boxes offers some of the most romantic travel experiences, whether you’re on an international trip or staying close to home.

The recipient can redeem one of these gift boxes towards one of thousands of experiences worldwide. Your Tinggly Gift Experience can inspire a local adventure or you can plan a tour on an international trip.

We’ve used Tinggly gift boxes on an Amsterdam canal cocktail cruise in the Netherlands and a romantic gondola ride in Venice.

From now through Feb 15th, 2024, you’ll save 15% sitewide PLUS an extra 5% off with my discount code for a total of 20% off all gift boxes! Go to the Tinggly Website and use code LAU-HR65 at checkout.

The Gift of Travel

This one is a biggie, but planning a vacation with your partner is one of the best things that you can do. Many of our best memories together are from our travels. Travel is one of the most useful travel gifts!

Even though you might not be able to travel right away, you can likely find a great deal for the future right now.

Browse tour websites to find great deals on travel. Perhaps you’re traveling to a city in the near future and you could surprise your other half with a booklet of attractions passes.

Hope you find the perfect gift for that special someone from this Valentine’s Day travel gift guide. No matter what you do, make sure you spend some time together as that’s most important. If you’re looking for travel ideas for Valentine’s Day, check out our guide to the best places to visit for Valentine’s Day.

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